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Your All-In-One Homebrew Supply Shop

From ingredients to equipment and accessories, we do it all.

To enjoy great beer, you no longer need to break the bank, or spend half your day searching for ingredients and calculating your grainbill and hopping rates.
Now you can do it all with our online Beer-Builder tool.

All the additives and sanitizing agents you'll ever need

Beer, Mead, Fruit Wines, Liqueurs, we have your ingredients.

From campden tablets to glycerine, from elderflowers to grape concentrate.  Pectic enzyme to french oak chips, malic acid to acidex.  If your recipe calls for it, we've got it.  StarSan to PBW, SaniBrew to OneStep - we've also got everything you need to keep your equipment clean!

Labware and Testing Equipment

Make the best beer possible.

When it comes to propegating yeast and storing healthy yeast samples, look no farther.  Erlenmeyer Flasks, bungs, airlocks and megnetic stirbars are invaluable when it comes to yeast washing and healthy yeast starters.  Test tubes, petri dishes and gelatin growth medium are required for storing yeast slants in your yeast bank.  

We've got Hops

From Ahtanum to Zythos, and everything in between.

Fresh hops (seasonally), whole hops, and T-90 pellets, we strive to secure even the hardest to find hop varietals.  From traditional German Lagers, to experimental West Coast IPAs - it's the hops that make your brews shine, and we've got over 40 varietals that are sure to make your beer stand out from the crowd.

Your Place for the Beer Necessities 

Huge selection of malts and grains.

With more than 45 unique varieties of malted barley, brewers grains, ajuncts, specialty malts and malt extracts, we boast one of British Columbia's largest selections.

Brew the beer you were born to brew

With our vast selection of ingredients, over 2.88 Billion recipe combinations are possible.

That's BILLION with a "B".  With our selection of hops, malts, grains and yeast, you're limited only by your imagination.  
Clone any beer in the world, or divise your own concoctions - like cooking, the possibilities are infinite!

Our Grain Selection

IMAG0903.jpgWe currently stock 12 base malts, 12 crystal/caramel malts, 6 roasted malts, 6 specialty malts, 6 different kinds of grain, and 12 different malt extracts.  For the full list, browse the Store, or click here for More

Our Hops Selection

Hop_Pellets.JPGFrom Ahtanum to Zythos and everything in between, we've got the hops you need.  Sourced from 7 countries, we stock at least 40 different varietals seasonally.  We take pride in being able to source hard to find varietals such as Amarillo, Citra, Simcoe, Centennial, Nelson Sauvin, and many more.  For our full selection, browse the Store. More

2015 Sales Map

map.PNGTrue North Brew Supply truly is Canada's homebrew supply shop!  In 2015 we have shipped to every Canadian province and territory! Check out the interactive map here :


Good service. Product better than expected. Good to do business with." 
—Rick B, Des Moines, IA


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